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  Guillaume REMBERT 2d643acd95 Convolutional coder initial release + predefined types package creation 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 7f5f0fc562 SRRC corrections + export samples capabilities for testbench + reduction of TX quantization depth to 8 bits 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 0fb3aaba21 SRRC ressources optimization with symetric architecture 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 22a33b4d8d Symbols to samples mapper + bits to symbols mapper + differential coder file 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 48e036288d Differential coder as dedicated block + deplacement to datalink layer for pre-convolutionnal coder differential encoding capability 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT e1ae526472 Differential coding support + WB burst write support + overflow protection + idle data insertion indicator 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 27695e14c7 CPU / WB data bus clock acceleration 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 4645297282 Multi-rate management + physical layer implementation: symbol mapper + oversampler + SRRC fir filter 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT b13a8fc083 Coder block implementation + LFSR component (Galois and Fibonacci) + ASM 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT d7c784a2c9 Framer Idle Only Data implementation + several improvements 5 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT d697581b65 Update external cores used (mor1k/uart/...) + fusesoc latest version CAPI 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT e8c1492a97 Framer optimization + manager serdes implementation 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT d0338ebd72 Framer parallel footer generation + testbench improvement + coding style review 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 5d65708ac4 Major rework based on new architecture + added CRC component and TX manager 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 8d4c74e329 Email removal for SPAM security purposes 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 15a94a4ed7 Initial folders structure 6 years ago
  Guillaume REMBERT 223911189f Initial commit for hdl files 6 years ago