Commit edd10382 authored by Guillaume REMBERT's avatar Guillaume REMBERT

Update par2 cli options due to changes

parent 8a9209c2
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ eurybox_create_archive_fec ()
case "$FEC_TYPE" in
par2 )
FEC_OUT=`sudo sh -c "par2 c $FEC_OPTIONS -r${FEC_LEVEL} -n${FEC_FILE_NUM} -u -t+ ${FEC_DESTINATION} ${FEC_TARGET}" 2>&1`
FEC_OUT=`sudo sh -c "par2 c $FEC_OPTIONS -r${FEC_LEVEL} -n${FEC_FILE_NUM} -u ${FEC_TARGET}" 2>&1`
zfec )
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